Ramsay Garden Apartments

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The Ramsay Garden Apartments are set in close proximity to Edinburgh castle, with stunning views, easy access and every luxury on offer. There are several apartments on offer for rental, each with a unique charm that will ensure you have the best stay possible in Edinburgh. Each is exquisitely decorated and provides you with all the practicalities you need for a relaxing stay in Scotland’s capital.

Situated on Edinburgh castles esplanade, there are few locations more glamourous or striking than those of the Ramsay Garden Apartments. They can be viewed clearly from the main streets in Edinburgh and are striking for their stunning red and white colour, that makes them almost as distinctive as the castle itself. They are in the perfect stop for a tourist’s trip, or indeed for work, as they are so central to the cities life. Whether you are travelling as a family, couple, or group of friends you can be sure to find the perfect apartment and have everything you need catered to.

I recently stayed in one of the larger apartments and with five fabulously decorated bedrooms, it was an idyllic experience. The décor was themed throughout with a subtle oriental style, highlighted in the paintings and furniture selected. Surprisingly this was blended with more traditional Scottish upholstery, an unusual combination, that worked through the careful colour combinations and large spaces to play around with in each room. The apartment itself was spacious and enabled one to feel right at home; albeit a very glamourous home that looks onto a castle.

The best views in my apartment were from the grand dining room, and living room upstairs, which looked directly out onto the castle. The castle is lit up dramatically at night, but is even more lovely to wake up to surrounded by Scottish mist with the sun shining through. How often do you get the chance to wake up to such a view?

An image of Ramsay Garden Living RoomThe apartment boasted five bedrooms, two bathrooms (up and down stairs), a living room, kitchen and dining room. My favourite rooms were those that unabashedly bought into their Scottish location and were filled with warm rugs, and cosy tartan cushions. For such a large apartment, there was a surprisingly home- like feel, especially in the kitchen where the aga helped to keep the room warm. The central wooden table and hanging clothes rail gave an old- fashioned charm to the space, perfect for sitting around with the thoughtfully provided tea and biscuits.

The Rutland Apartments are perfectly located, both in their proximity to Edinburgh’s main attractions and the stunning views they have to offer. An extraordinary place to enjoy a quick trip, a longer stay, or somewhere to return to again and again. These luxurious and unique apartments are well worth a visit.


Words by Jo Boon

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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