The Department of Education has announced the starting pay for teachers could rise to £30,000 by the year 2022. Unions are claiming this increase is way overdue and important for attracting new candidates. 

This is one of many education announcements provided by the government in a bid to improve the sector. There has also been a multi-billion cash boost promised for schools based in England. Here, we’ll look at this most recent announcement and what it could mean for the education sector.

Current salary blamed for teacher shortages

The boost to the starter salary for teachers is long overdue. Staff levels have seen a drop in recent years, with many experts blaming it on the poor basic salary. Currently, in England the starting teacher’s salary is £23,720. This excludes the capital, which sees salaries starting at £29,664. So, the increase to £30,000 is certainly going to attract more candidates. 

Teacher training targets haven’t been met for six consecutive years. While this pay increase should go some way to improving these targets, it may not eliminate the problem completely. There’s still the issue over retaining teachers, which is another major challenge in the education sector. It’s been discovered that over half of teachers quit the job within 10 years. However, another announcement by the government regarding pensions may go some way to eliminating this problem.

Pension contributions also set to rise

As well as the starter salary increasing, pension contributions for teachers are also set to rise. From September 2019, the government is planning to fully fund the contributions into the Teacher’s Pension Scheme. This would guarantee that 23.6% employer contributions would be made into teacher pensions each year. 

The increased pension contributions could help with the retention of teachers. The government has also claimed it is aiming to increase the salary of all teachers. So, as well as starter salaries increasing, standard salaries will also be increased over time. 

Further initiatives set to be introduced

These latest announcements are the biggest to hit the education sector in years. While they certainly sound promising, only time will tell whether the government’s plan to boost the sector will come to fruition. Changes to education laws can be complex and difficult to navigate. That’s why many schools and education bodies would benefit from the services of education lawyers.

The increase in teacher starter salaries could go a long way to attracting graduates into the profession. More teachers are desperately needed but long hours and a poor salary reward have been thought to put off applicants. This, alongside increased funding into England’s schools, could be the boost the education sector needs to get it back on track. 

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