Year 6 pupils from Stockport Grammar Junior School delighted audiences with two supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performances of Disney’s Mary Poppins.

All of the children had the chance to show off their talent in the performances with a variety of roles on offer from lead characters to chimney sweeps, kite flyers and police officers.

Dancers, actors and singers collaborated to the tell story of the Banks family who need a new nanny for their children Jane, played by Lily Brown, and Michael, played by Finn.

After many failed interviews, a strange wind brings in Mary Poppins, played by Abigail Sullivan, floating down from the sky using her magical umbrella.

Highlights of the show included a lively performance on the roof-tops of London with the chimney sweeps and a wonderful rendition of the famous kite flying scene.

There are more than 200 co-curricular opportunities available at Stockport Grammar including a variety of performing arts based clubs. The school regularly puts on dance shows, music concerts and drama performances, giving pupils the chance to perform at prestigious venues such as the Royal Northern College of Music.

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