The latest edition of the ‘SGS Historian’ magazine, written and designed by Lower Sixth Form students from Stockport Grammar has retained its winning title for the third year in a row.

Covering an eclectic mix of topics, the magazine been named the ‘Best School History Magazine’ at the Young Historian Awards and Alex Malone won a commendation for his article on the occupation of Guernsey during World War Two from the Spirit of Normandy Trust.

This year’s dedicated team created a magazine full of articles, interviews and reports on periods as diverse as the Fourth Crusade to World War Two.

Head Boy Alex Malone said: “We decided that we wouldn’t have an overall theme due to our extremely varied historical interests and by doing this we believe it allowed each and every one of us the creative freedom to fully express ourselves. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have been able to create.”

This year’s contributors were Jamie Carson, Phoebe Micklefield, Alex Malone, Claire Murphy, Josh Brougham, Linton Armstrong, Archie Eady-Gurr, Alfred Bradshaw, Head of Art Mr Richard Davies, Modern Foreign Languages teacher Frau Kerstin Christmann and Mr Stone.

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