Rutland Apartments

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The Rutland Apartments are a series of luxury apartments built right along the street from the famous Rutland Hotel in Edinburgh. Set in a truly fabulous location, these comfortable and stylish apartments are perfect for a weekend of pampering, or a longer stay to really settle in.

You can enjoy all the benefits of The Rutland Hotel, including breakfast in the morning, whilst benefiting from the privacy and space your own apartment offers.

Their family apartment is spacious with two large double beds, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and conservatory. The two bathrooms are elegantly furnished and finished with clean white tiles and bright lights that allow for a relaxing bath or shower. Everything is thought of, from the jets in the bathtub to the warmed towels and practicalities of shower caps being provided.

The kitchen has a similarly clean aesthetic and is neatly arranged with a counter top running all the way round, with a kitchen bar attached at the end. This space is easily large enough for informal dining, but there is also a round dining table in the conservatory for greater convenience. The conservatory is situated in the small garden and the patio area that the apartment gives out onto.

The rest of the apartment is more highly decorated than the kitchen and bathrooms, giving a luxurious feel to the spaces. An exotic theme ran throughout, with parrots forming part of the lamps in the main bedroom and apes adorning the wall paper in the living room. Dark shades were employed across the apartment, but lamps dotted most of the corners to ensure that it could be lit up for a homelier vibe if desired. Children’s mats could be found in the cupboards, whilst white wine was cooling in the fridge- ensuring that all clientele are catered for, regardless of the purpose of their stay.

The Rutland Apartments are in the perfect spot for a weekend trip, or holiday for sightseeing. You’re right in the heart of the city with shops and spas all around you, to complete a relaxing holiday. The castle is not far away, nor are Edinburgh’s main museums and galleries which will be sure to keep you busy. Equally, if you need to visit Edinburgh for work, then the Rutland Apartments are placed right at the commercial centre, with plenty of charming restaurants to take a quick break in.

With a truly superb location and comfortable accommodation, The Rutland Apartments have it all. The Rutland Hotel is well established amongst the Edinburgh scene and serve the most wonderful food from their attached restaurants. Breakfast at The Huxley is a must for all those who visit the apartments, and the staff are careful to take care of all your requirements. One can gain all the benefits of being at the hotel, but simply with more room, greater privacy and a little bit of extra luxury.


Words by Jo Boon

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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