Local health coach Suzy Glaskie has launched a new podcast designed to demystify the topic of wellness – and empower people to cope with the fall-out of the Coronavirus crisis. Wellness Unwrapped aims to slice through all the confusion by sharing straight-talking and enlightening conversations on different aspects of physical, emotional and mental health.

49-year-old Suzy is a mum-of-three and a formerly burnt-out PR boss from Altrincham who left behind an award-winning career in marketing to become a health coach. She qualified as one of the first Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches in the UK and now runs a successful practice, Peppermint Wellness.

She explains: “I initially decided to launch a podcast because, despite the fact that we’re bombarded from all sides with advice on health, there’s never been more confusion about how we should look after ourselves – and rates of chronic disease, obesity and depression have never been higher. I’m currently using the platform to share, week by week, what practices are helping me to stay sane and grounded through the Coronavirus crisis – and how others can adopt these simple, practical habits too.” 

In response to the current crisis, Suzy has also launched a free, weekly group coaching programme via Zoom – taking place every Monday evening at 7.00pm.

She says: “At this time, more than ever, we need community to boost our immunity and resilience. As we’re currently unable to meet up in the way we usually would, I decided to create a free platform where we can come together each week and talk openly about what we’re feeling and what we can do to help ourselves and our families. I’ll be sharing many tools that people can put into place immediately to help them stay calm, such as calming breathing practices and EFT (also known as tapping) to help shift emotions such as fear and anxiety.”  

Suzy is a passionate advocate of empowering people to optimise their lifestyle to feel the best they can and get more out of their life – whatever life throws at them.

Suzy continues: “Every time I walk into another company to hold a corporate wellness workshop – no matter what the sector or size of the organisation – I see employees, managers and business owners who are struggling to get through each day. Far from thriving, they’re exhausted, stressed, anxious, foggy-brained and suffering from a slew of health complaints – from poor digestion, skin issues and low energy to excess weight and sleeplessness. Many of them are well on their way to total burnout. And that used to be me too. Over many years as a consultant, managing director and then health coach, I’ve watched and listened to countless people in the workplace. What I now know is that the vast majority of people are unwittingly affecting their own energy levels, mood, productivity and overall health through the small lifestyle choices that we make every single day. I’ve learnt that tiny changes to our lifestyles can cumulatively bring about a transformation – not only in our career but in our entire life. I’m on a mission to share real-life, accessible ways for even the busiest of people to feel better, reclaim their energy – and flourish.”

Suzy has first-hand experience of workplace stress, having attempted to juggle a relentlessly stressful job with looking after her children. She now leverages her experience to empower others to look after their own health – mentally, physically and emotionally.

She holds corporate wellness workshops at companies throughout the UK, including Home Bargains, Health Shield, o2, Savills, John Lewis and Tesco. A respected public speaker, known for her straight-talking, engaging and impassioned style, she’s been variously described as “on a par with Tony Robbins, without the bad language” and as “the Martin Lewis of the healthy lifestyle world.” 

James Maskell, author of The Community Cure: Transforming Health Outcomes Together, said: “Suzy is on the cutting edge – combining coaching, community and life-changing information and helping people truly transform.”

Wellness Unwrapped is available on all podcast platforms and here: https://peppermintwellness.co.uk/wellness-unwrapped/

To join the free weekly coaching, sign up for Suzy’s mailing list at: www.peppermintwellness.co.uk.

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