Most mums are neglected on Mother’s day

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Mother’s Day Meanness

Research finds Manchester locals spend less on their mums when it comes to buying a gift.
  • Manchester locals spend less on their mums when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts
  • 45% of mums will not get a visit from their children this Mother’s Day
  • Less than half of men will try to see their mums this Mother’s Day, compared to 2/3 of women

Mother’s Day is around the corner (if you haven’t got it in your diary already, firstly, what is wrong with you? And secondly, it’s the 26th of March) so children, young and old, will be gearing up to spoil their mums on the day itself. Or will they?

Digital marketing agency Optus Digital carried out a survey of 1,000 people to find out their attitudes to Mother’s Day in general. And shockingly, they found that well over a third of us (37.4%) never tell our mums we love them. The worst offenders are men – 48% will never say I love you mum, compared to 28% of women. Over a quarter of us tell our mums every day (27.7%, of which over a third are women) and 15.8% tell her a few times a month. Sadly, almost half of us (45%) will not make the effort to visit our mum’s this Mother’s Day. Again, the majority of these are men (52%).

And while our busy, stressed out, beleaguered and hard-working mammas deserve a day off and a massive treat for looking after us since birth / still doing all our washing / always slipping us a fiver when we go home to pick up our washing, they might not always get what they deserve.

As the advertising industry cranks up its campaign to get us all buying decadent bouquets of flowers, massive boxes of chocolates, or take her out for a fancy meal, some of us, shall we say, try and skimp on the surprise.

Optus Digital decided to root out the biggest Mother’s Day skinflints in the country. They studied online search engine statistics to find out who has looked for cheap Mother’s Day gifts, using search terms like (obviously) ‘cheap Mother’s Day gifts’, ‘free Mother’s Day gifts’ and ‘Mother’s Day gifts under £10’! (In fact, nationally, last year, there were more searches for ‘free Mother’s Day gifts’ than ‘Mother’s Day flowers!’)

Optus Digital looked at the 20 biggest cities in the UK, then ranked them in order of meanest to slightly more generous. So, who comes out on top? Well, it seems the biggest tightwads are from Southampton, with the most searches to try and save cash. And in second place is coastal town, Bournemouth! The next three are all up north: Newcastle, followed by Liverpool and Manchester. Scots clearly care for their mums, as Glasgow and Edinburgh rank 10th and 16th on the list. And the most ‘generous’ (well, by comparison)? That’ll be people from Stoke, who are number at 20.

They also found out attitudes to Mother’s Day in general. And, perhaps not that surprisingly, it’s women who are more likely to have the date written down in indelible ink in their diaries; 75% of women never forget the date, compared to blokes – only 47% of them remember.

And, perhaps realising how rubbish their kids can be, 60% of mums said they never expect a gift on Mother’s Day, while 13.6% of those who got one, actually returned it! It sounds like we need to up our game when it comes to showing our mums how much they mean to us…

Chris Simmance from Optus Digital said: “From our extensive online research, it looks like we’re a bit neglectful of the most important women in our lives! Hopefully these findings will act as a bit of a wakeup call for all these ungrateful kids around the country – you only get one mum, so you’d better make her feel special!”

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