Looking for the perfect start to your Easter Holidays? Whether you’re heading out and about or are just looking to change things up at home, MadeGood can help boost energy levels!

The granola bars are 100% vegan thanks to the syrup that binds the oats (rather than honey), so you will feel like you’re still riding the healthy wave, even if you do get drawn in by all the chocolate!

As well as being vegan, MadeGood are the first ever allergen free granola snack bar that’s safe to eat in schools and workplaces!

Every bar is packed full of organic all-natural ingredients – from dried fruits and wholegrains. Each ingredient is selected to ensure health and taste is never compromised to help kids eat and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Pure sunflower oil is used so that the bars are low in saturated fat and have no trans-fat. The organic, vegan granola bars are a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, which can help contribute to a healthy digestive and immune system.

The bars are delicious for all the family, as the yummy and comforting flavours bring in family favourites such as chocolate chip, banana and mixed berry so each mouthful is a real treat as well as a truly healthy snack. 

Available from ASDA stores across the UK now.

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