This Saturday will see the last of the Smoked & Uncut festivals, in Lime Wood in New Forest National Park. The event has sold out, and will serve up a range of fun distractions that’ll run from midday right up until 11pm to the lucky few who’ve managed to secure tickets. Last year, it was Razorlight headlining – to widespread acclaim. So, what’s on offer this time?

Who’s playing?

Headlining this year are Sister Sledge. The disco pioneers had an enormous impact on popular music in the 70s, with their 1979 ‘We are Family’ album going platinum. Kathy Sledge since parted from the group in 1989, but she’s continued to serve everyone’s favourite disco-infused pop to audiences across the world, and she’ll be there at Lime Wood to headline the evening.

Cashless Festival

This year, the festival is making the bold switch to a cashless system. It’s already worked well at the Pig festival, and it’s going to be pushed even further this time. When you buy your ticket, you’ll need to register with something called PlayPass, which will allow you to load your festival funds onto a special radio-identifiable wristband. This is desirable for several reasons.

Firstly it’s quicker, and thus those festival queues will be kept blissfully short. Secondly, it’s safer, as your money is effectively attached to you at all times; even if you manage to lose your wristband, you can still get it cancelled in much the same way as you’d cancel a missing debit card.

Now, there will be a few traders at the marketplace which won’t be plugged into the system, and thus it’s worth taking some cash just in case you spot something you’d like. But for the most part you’ll be going cash-free.

What Food is on Offer?

A festival without food wouldn’t be much fun at all. And, with our tastes getting more refined every year, the demand for high-quality grub has never been greater. 

As standard, you’ll get all of the well-loved festival food. But a select few will also get special ‘pop-up’ feasting tents, in which you’ll be able to enjoy something a little bit more substantial. Running the feasting tent this year is Angela Hartnett, current chef patron of the Michelin-starred Murano in London. Note that getting in here will require the purchase of a special ticket, costing £65 for three courses. For your money, you get a delicious menu, and a free drink on arrival!

Belstaff Pit Stop

Among the stalls this year will be Belstaff’s ‘Pit Stop’, where you’ll be able to enjoy classic fried food, get your phone topped up, and even get a chance to win some free, high-quality stuff. The company were handing out tote bags at the Pig festivals earlier in the summer – so be sure to drop in for a chance at a freebie!

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