From A Salford Terrace To A £15M Altrincham Development In 6 Years

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When Frazer Fearnhead launched the property crowdfunding platform The House Crowd, in 2012, with his business partner Suhail Nawaz, he was keen to democratise the property investment process.

From its small beginnings – crowdfunding and refurbishing individual terraced houses to sell or rent – the company has since graduated to larger projects and has recently released its flagship development on The Downs in Altrincham on its website for investors.

The House Crowd gives members the opportunity to share in the significant profits that can be earned from property development, whilst removing many of the risks usually faced by small developers. Most importantly, by giving investors the first legal charge on invested properties, investors receive the same type of security as banks demand when they finance a development.

Frazer says: “In effect, our members are ‘the bank’. They have first priority on revenue generated by sales and are always paid out before the equity shareholders or the developer which makes it a much less risky proposition than the traditional way high net worth individuals have invested in property developments.”

An FCA Regulated Company with a Six-Year Track Record

House Crowd Developments completed its first new build development in 2016. To date it has crowdfunded, built and sold 111 properties and currently has over 230 units in the North West under construction – all crowdfunded by normal people who simply want a good return on their money.

The traditional belief that property investment is reserved only for those with experience and hundreds of thousands of pounds to invest no longer holds true. This lucrative investment vehicle is accessible to a wide range of people who can now invest from

£1,000, with the assurance their money is being handled by a professional company that is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Since its launch, The House Crowd’s members have collectively invested more than £92M through its crowdfunding platform and it has paid out over £29M in capital and returns to those members.

Frazer is passionate about addressing Britain’s housing crisis. He said: “I am proud to say that, in our own small way, we are helping to get Britain building new homes whilst giving investors an excellent return on their hard earned money. These are houses for the people funded by the people.”

The Downs, Altrincham. Earn 10-12% p.a. interest

The House Crowd’s flagship development opportunity is in the heart of Altrincham.

Frazer says: “It’s an investment that ticks all the boxes. It’s a great looking project, designed by award winning architects Calderpeel and it’s ideally situated on one of the best roads in the town centre. Continued regeneration of the town centre over the build period gives added comfort to investors that their investment is robust and we will be able to deliver the promised returns. This is a rare opportunity- and one that we are particularly excited about.”

The Downs development comprises 31 apartments 8 townhouses and a commercial unit with an overall GDV in excess of £15,000.000. The House Crowd is offering investors the opportunity to help fund the construction of the development in exchange for a fixed annual return.

Investment summary:

  • Invest from just £1,000
  • Security: first legal charge
  • Fixed rates 10-12% p.a. depending on sum invested
  • Exit: sale of properties
  • Estimated repayment date: Q3 2020
  • Total fund raise: £8.SM in various phases

Please note: Your capital is at risk.

You must read the full investment information and terms and conditions before deciding whether to invest. To invest through The House Crowd, visit or to view previous and current developments:

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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