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Fierce Fit has launched the only female health club in the heart of Manchester. It is more than just a gym – it’s a movement encouraging women to feel more comfortable and confident.

Whether you’re a gym novice or gym buff Fierce Fit offers a flexible service which fits around you and your abilities. They offer female lead private sessions, group classes and health services to ensure women get the results they want.

At Fierce Fit there is a strong sense of community. You will meet likeminded women and work together to get Fierce. Every single woman should feel safe and happy when working out no matter who they are!

Personal trainer, Steffie Jones, hopes to provide a revolutionary and empowering atmosphere that accommodates all women. She said: “Fierce Fit is not just a way of working out or getting healthier. For me and for my clients it’s about loving your body. We get happier, healthier and feel more empowered together.”

There is more to life than weights and treadmills!

If you are Fierce enough and want to book a private session, join a class or have any other enquiries, visit the Fierce Fit website or call 0161 826 6968

For your free group class taster follow Or if you wish to book your free consolation go to


Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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