We meet the busy mum-of-three who turned her talent for multitasking into an award-winning housekeeping and cleaning business in Altrincham…

Bright and Beautiful (B&B) Altrincham is about to celebrate its 10th birthday. Owner Faye Roddy is over the moon. Rapid growth and clients (including some top-secret celebrities) who can’t believe how they ever lived without its discreet and dynamic services; life for B&B is looking, like the homes it cleans, very bright indeed!

Schooled in multitasking

14 years ago, Faye was a single mum-of-two working at a local school. Across each day, she wore a multitude of hats… breakfast club manager, after-school manager, nursery nurse, play group leader and teaching assistant. “It was a standing joke amongst all the mums,” laughs Faye, “that I could always be spotted legging it up and down the corridor, switching my clothes to suit the next ‘role’!” One of those mums watching, disillusioned with local services on offer, had decided to open her own cleaning company and, impressed with Faye’s dynamism and work ethic, invited her onboard. Initially, Faye worked part-time, but soon gave up her work in education to dedicate herself full time to B&B. By 2010, the business was ready to expand and become a franchise.

“I got a loan,” says Faye, “and decided to buy the very first franchise and become a brand ambassador. Some might say it was a risk, but I believed in B&B one million per cent and I still do!”

A sparkling success

Fast forward to 2020 and there are now 67 franchises dotted around the UK. What is the secret to its success? “Trust,” says Faye without hesitation, “your home is so precious, perhaps your most expensive asset, so it scares me when I see people inviting just anyone in to clean, with very little assurance as to their credentials! Trust is everything. All our team members are carefully selected, DBS-checked and professionally trained. Peace of mind for our clients is guaranteed.”

All client keys are kept secure in a safe (without name or address information attached, just a code) and absolute discretion and impeccable manners come as standard: “From parking without waking up the neighbours and entering a property respectfully and quietly, to never ever shouting about our high-profile clients on social media – everything is about doing what we do quickly to the highest standard and ensuring homes are left safe, secure and super-clean.”

Think 40 team members spending 800 cleaning hours looking after 290 houses a week. That’s efficiency!

A bespoke approach

The services offered by B&B are tailored to each home’s housekeeping needs and budget and cover cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing.

“Lots of cleaning companies offer over- the-phone quotes based on the number
of rooms in a house,” says Faye. “We’re the opposite. We visit to see what work needs doing and how often. A young professional who works away a lot will not require the same cleaning as a family of four who live in the same size house.”

Indeed, B&B will only ever offer clients the services they really need. “Not every house needs a top-to-bottom clean every week!” adds Faye.

Eco & animal friendly

Since its inception, B&B has been an eco-friendly business. The teams have always used 100% non-toxic products, refuse to use one-time-only plastics and will even do a client’s recycling for them. Even the team structure is shaped to care for planet earth: “They always work in teams of three,” explains Faye. “Not only is looking after our workers of paramount importance – it’s much harder on the body cleaning a house by yourself and working as a team never places anyone in a position of risk – transport-wise, teamwork reduces B&B’s carbon footprint.”

Furthermore, the teams get the seal of approval from pets too: “It seems like madness,” smiles Faye, “but at interview stage, we always ask applicants if they like pets! More than 50% of households have them and they’re like extended members of the family. We can’t employ anyone who is scared of them or who can’t take on the responsibility of, for example, ensuring indoor cats don’t escape or giving the family dog a cuddle!”

Addressing preconceptions

Faye believes there are still a few stubborn preconceptions surrounding ‘getting a cleaner in’, but things are changing:

“Some people don’t like to admit they have a cleaner. They don’t want to be seen as not be able to ‘do it all’. The younger generation – especially women – actively push for help, and why not? Lives are so busy now now, who wants to spend their spare time cleaning or arguing over hoovering? One testimonial actually said, ‘you might just have saved my relationship!’”

People wrongly assume it’s a costly affair too: “Depending on what you have done,” reveals Faye, “it really can just be the same cost as a family meal out and its rare for us to not be able to work within someone’s modest budget.”

Glowing reviews

The B&B Altrincham franchise is growing fast; as B&B’s first multi-territory franchise, it now covers Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Prestbury.

Reviews on social media positively shine. In 2016, Faye was nominated for the British Franchise Association’s Female Franchisee of the Year. She came an illustrious second out of thousands of entries. In 2018, Altrincham was named B&B Franchise of the Year.

Modestly, she says she couldn’t do it without her teams (“they work like Trojans”) and her Quality Training Supervisor, Dawn, who has been with
her nearly 10 years (“she’s my right-hand woman”), and explains how her five-year plan is to employ as many people as possible and increase her B&B client base.

Just say NO to ironing

For Faye, running a business offers a better quality of life with her police sergeant husband and three children (aged between three and 19).

“It’s a very busy household,” she smiles. “The one chore I hate? Ironing! So, yes, I do send it to the office to get done! “You see, that’s what getting in B&B does… it buys you back time! It takes the pressure off and lets you enjoy your life. And you won’t find anyone else who can do it like we do it!”

Find out more: brightandbeautifulhome.com Book a free, no-obligation quote: 0161 393 7625

Words by: Lisa Symonds

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