CNM believe that good knowledge comes from practice. The CNM Health Coach Diploma is designed to include, in addition to the informative lectures, many practice sessions. Students apply their knowledge in real-world practice scenarios throughout the course. Combined with thorough business marketing training, this offers CNM Health Coaches all of the skills, knowledge and tools required to start a thriving health coaching business. 

With students and graduates such as Camilla Hansen, Rosemary Ferguson, Bruno Babolin and Madeleine Shaw, CNM is accredited in many different countries, so graduates can practise and share their expertise across the globe.

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With colleges both in the UK and internationally, as well as online, and over 20 years’ excellent track record, CNM trains successful practitioners in natural therapies: surveys show that 80% of graduates are practising. Alongside Health Coach, CNM offers diploma courses in Nutrition, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Natural Chef. Find out more:

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