Take a trip of Manchester through the ages, and journey through the rich two-thousand-year history of the birthplace of industry and innovation, with Cloud23’s new cocktail menu.

Tour the city’s past history, which is filled with incredible, iconic moments, via your taste buds, by sampling 10 carefully-curated cocktails – with stops at AD 79, 200, 1785, 1847, 1827, 1908, 1926, 1982, 1988 and 2010 celebrating events, including the inception of the city itself, to the start of the Vegetarian Society, and most recently the discovery of graphene.

From 28th March 2019, Cloud23 – Manchester’s highest bar – is launching its new cocktail menu, which has been specially created by some of the country’s best master mixologists using the finest ingredients. The famous landmark bar is situated on the 23rd story of the Hilton Manchester Deansgate, and offers the best and most complete panoramic views of the evolving city centre. 

AD 79 – Mamucium

Start where the city began with this fresh and earthy cocktail, inspired by the former Roman fort, built a stone’s throw away in Castlefield, overlooking the River Medlock, made from turf and timber. The cocktail includes Ketel One Vodka, bergamot, rosemary and samphire soda.

AD 200 – Lapis et Camento

An advancement on turf and timber, the lapis et camento cocktail represents the advanced stone and mortar buildings and the gatherings of sheds and furnaces, which sprung up to create the first “industrial estate” in the small town. This cocktail includes a combination of Chocolate & Chilli Bulleit Bourbon, salted caramel, Kamm & Sons, cherry and toasted wood.

1785 – Up Up and Away

The fanfare of Balloon Street is captured in this cocktail, which encapsulates James Sadler – the first British person to make a balloon assent. His balloon contraption took flight from the city in May 1785, co-piloted by his own cat. This floating cocktail combines Zacapa 23 Rum, citrus, pistachio, Cynar, elderflower, apple and helium.

1827 – The Botanical and Horticultural Society

Many moons ago, just past Old Trafford, Manchester had its very own Royal Botanical Garden. Created for the study of botany, but also a place of clean air, the industrial nature of the city during the 19th century meant that pollution was widespread and the gardens were meant as a means of escape from the harshness of life. This cocktail, like its namesake, is fresh, fruity and floral, and contains blushed Tanqueray 10 Gin, pink grapefruit and lavender soda, rose petals, pink peppercorns, and rhubarb.

1847 – Vegetarian Society

Mark the start of vegetarianism in the tiny chapel of Salford, pioneered by William Cowherd and Joseph Brotherton, with this cocktail which combines kaffir lime-infused Monkey 47 gin, aloe vera, kiwi, passion de fleur and yuzu, for a tropical and plant-based nod to the Vegetarian Society.

1908 – Vimtonic

Originally created as a herbal tonic, Vimto was formulated in Manchester to give drinkers “vim and vigour”. Popularity of the tonic grew and it is now sold in over 85 countries across the world. This cocktail combines the purple guilty pleasure with Ciroc Red Berry Vodka, blueberry, Madeira, and citrus in a fruity tipple.

1926 – Belle Vue Speedway

The former athletics ground was given an extra dose of speed and upgrade in 1926, when it became a speedway, synonymous with high speeds and adrenaline. This cocktail is enough to fuel a day at the races and contains Aces Spirit, raspberry, strawberry, beetroot, lemon and apple foam and egg white.

1982 – The Haçienda

Known as the “People’s Palace”, the infamous Haçienda was at the epicentre of the Madchester scene in the 80s and early 90s, fuelling the rise of Acid House music and rave culture. It hosted performances by everyone from The Smiths to a then relatively unknown Madonna, in what was her first performance. The fruit cocktail will “twist your melon”, and contains Absolut Elyx, banana, citrus and blue curacao.

1988 – …And on the Sixth Day, God Created Manchester

The famous slogan, conjured up by Leo Stanley after a night out at The Haçienda, was a brainwave printed on t-shirts worn by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Madonna, and now immortalised in a mosaic outside the entrance to Afflecks Palace. This wacky cocktail contains Don Julio Tequila, Cachaca, mango, ginger and lemon balm, peanut butter liqueur, and vanilla ice cream.

2010 – Graphene

Perhaps the most recent Manchester creation, Graphene was made and studied by magnificent minds Geim and Novoselov who won the Nobel physics prize for their work at the University of Manchester. The material is the most conductive known to man and is stronger than diamonds and 200-times stronger than steel. This cocktail celebrates the city’s latest scientific achievement and contains Ketel One Vodka, Sherry, Laphroaig & almond syrup, black pepper and maple foam.

To find out more about the new Manchester-themed cocktail, Hilton Manchester Deansgate, its bar, Cloud 23, or its restaurant Podium, head to https://www.cloud23bar.com/.

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