Charlotte Collins brings positivity to pregnancy and birth

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Health & Beauty

Antenatal Teacher of the Year 2017 finalist is bringing positivity to pregnancy one birth at a time

The Mama Awards Finalist, Charlotte Collins, has worked with hundreds of parents across Cheshire and has found that building confidence in birth, your baby and your body in a supportive environment is the key to a positive birth experience.

Not all cultures associate intense pain with labour, but it is central to almost every discussion of birth here in the UK – unless you attend one of Charlotte’s Daisy Foundation classes.

Whilst the challenge of labour is stressed, the focus is on the tools that parents can use to make labour much more comfortable and for some, despite some discomfort, enjoyable.

This is a deliberate choice that Charlotte makes. Studies have shown that fear during labour translates in the body as tension and with the tension comes some of the pain.

Charlotte said: “Remove most of the fear through knowing that you have choices in birth, for example knowing about the range of natural and pharmaceutical pain relief options available, understanding the physiology of birth, and believing in the capabilities of a woman’s body whilst engaging with positive narratives about birth or birth stories.”

Charlotte is keen to stress though, that a positive birth is not necessarily a drug-free birth, and she prefers to focus on feelings of empowerment, strength and confidence.

Many of the mums attending her classes go on to have drug-free labours, and almost all do enjoy a positive birth experience, bringing the positivity full circle.

Charlotte said: “They then share their own positive birth stories, which is slowly tipping the balance and changing the way we think about birth in this area. Continuity of care and unconditional support for all, in pregnancy and the early weeks with baby, is the foundation of what I do, with many of the mums that I work with enjoying weekly classes right the way through their pregnancy, building those confidence levels step by step. It’s important to me that good quality, all-inclusive antenatal classes are available to all parents regardless of circumstance. As a single mum myself, I know how isolating it can be if you do not fit the 2.4 family mould during pregnancy and the early weeks. That’s why I offer free classes to single mums and mums specifically referred by their midwives for extra support due to their circumstances.”

Charlotte offers a full range of Daisy Foundation classes and workshops for mums and expectant couples in Lymm, Bowdon, Knutsford and surrounding areas.

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