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Like her Tiller Girl gran, bubbly Yvette Royle is a natural performer. Self-taught soul singer, Northern Ballet School trained dancer and present-day telly actor, she switched from dance to song in 1988. Daughter Charlie was three months old. Prestigious work beckoned but family came first.

Since 1990, Yvette, in full-length Hollywood-inspired sequins and glitz, has entranced corporate clients and organised fundraisers for Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT) and Brainwave. Always by her side is Dave, her husband of 26 years, her soundman and her ‘rock’. In fact, last year, the lovebirds celebrated their silver wedding by renewing their vows and hosting the dream wedding they certainly couldn’t afford the first time round!


On 2nd November, at Mere Golf Resort & Spa, this Hale mum-of-three ‘upped her ante’. She masterminded her own highly successful, full-scale ball for MIND, performed there and plans a repeat next year.  


People promote causes with personal resonance. Yvette’s alcoholic father died at 58. Graced by her mother’s careful guidance but blighted by her father’s drinking, only child Yvette recalls, “I was a latchkey kid. My Mum, Iris, arrived from the office at 6pm. Dad left for business every morning. We knew he’d just sit on a barstool from 11am to 11pm. We hadn’t a clue how he’d roll in each night. I never factored in he’d lost a brother to murder. I just saw him as selfish. We didn’t understand alcoholism is a mental illness.”

Witness to mood swings, violence and failed suicide bids, extroverted Yvette developed an insight into mental health issues. Yet, it took her 18 months after having her second daughter to realise her recent sense of isolation, her uncharacteristic introversion and her inability to cope were actually delayed post-natal depression. Unlike her father, she sought help and recovered.

She adds, “One in four people experiences mental health problems. Fundraisers are vital for highlighting these issues. Greater awareness could potentially reduce suicide rates.” 


Come Dine with Me 2017 winner Yvette fell into acting. She’d prepared herself for an advert casting at the BBC, discovered it was actually a sitcom audition, stayed for the ‘helluvit’ and improvised. She was hired for Puppy Love with Joanna Scanlan.

Her voice and showmanship have taken her all over, including to Tuscany, Kuala Lumpur and Morocco. She’s appeared alongside Russell Watson and Jason Manford. Her single Run is now available digitally and at major outlets. In the New Year, she stars in a Saturday night BBC TV series. It’s all go.

Proud of her achievements, yet no diva, Yvette states, “Every performance must be my best. When the nerves stop, I’ll give up. In fact, after 28 years, I still think I’m ‘winging’ it.”

Always impromptu

Working at Manchester Airport, Yvette, 19, courteously helped passengers from one plane to another – after leading them to the wrong aircraft! Her bosses were equally unimpressed when she valiantly cheered up holidaymakers stranded for two hours at the gate. You see, she sang to them over the airport’s Tannoy system.

This knack for acting ‘off the cuff’’ has furthered Yvette’s career. Flying high, yet grounded in family values, gifted, self-made yet ‘so clumsy, I’ve even fallen off my flip-flops!’, Yvette Royle remains a constant delight.

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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