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When you chat to Paul Hughes, the founder of Benchmark Security Group, you realise how far the more experienced companies in the security industry have come recently.

At Benchmark, for instance, they have a mission to ensure that you feel safe and secure in your own home or business. Just because you live in a pleasant area with highworth properties, it shouldn’t make you more of a target, but it is an unfortunate fact, particularly once the nights draw in, that criminals become more active.

It’s at times like this that you should look to the most qualified security specialists in the region.

“Once the clocks go back,” says Paul, “burglaries statistically rise by 25%. Using a series of hi-tech solutions, we are reducing the risk of people across Hale Barns, Altrincham, Bowdon, Knutsford and their surrounds becoming another statistic.

“People rely on the police, but they are so under-resourced these days, response to break-ins, unless you’re in physical danger, is slow. Benchmark, however, are all about proactivity and the super-fast response.”

Here’s just a selection of the solutions Benchmark can provide in addition to their continually patrolling rapid response teams.

CCTV monitoring

Protecting your home or place of work, even if you are away isn’t a problem for Benchmark’s clever hi-tech solutions. For instance, their live CCTV monitoring, where your cameras are linked to their control centre, which is monitored 24 hours a day.

“This state-of-the-art station is permanently manned,” says Paul with enthusiasm, “if so much as a mouse stirs around your property, our cameras pick it up, your dedicated screen flashes red and a siren is sounded inside the station. We immediately check what’s moving. If it is an intruder, an alarm will go off at your property, the intruders are warned via speakers that they’re on CCTV, that a Benchmark guard will be there in minutes, and the police are on their way.”

The service has proved a huge success; 96% of intruders leave immediately. In fact, Benchmark’s footage is regularly passed on to the local police for use catching criminals.

“People say ‘but I’ve got an alarm’,” adds Paul, “but, unfortunately, by the time that burglar alarm goes off, it’s often too late and you’ve already been burgled.”

If your property hasn’t got cameras, or they need updating, just let Benchmark know and they’ll organise everything.

The active tracker

Of course, we all know that leaving your home empty isn’t ideal, but there are times when we’ve no choice. So, if you’re going to be out, Benchmark’s rapid response mobile patrol service is a cost-effective solution.

The gate at your property can be fitted with an active tracker and each time one of Benchmark’s mobile patrols checks all’s well, it scans the tracker and validates the visit.

“This is a really accessible and affordable service,” says Paul. “It can cost as little as £30 a week and the mobile patrol vehicle will pass your home up to six times a day.”

Exclusive to you

With their unique SelectaDNA service, Benchmark simply coat your valuables with an invisible liquid that contains a DNA code distinctive to your address.

“When valuables are seized by the police,” explains Paul, “they’re able to recognise them instantly by reading the code via ultraviolet light and it’s surprising how often we are able to return goods to their rightful owner.”

The Benchmark team is also training to use ‘DNA spray’, a formula that’s sprayed onto an intruder. It’s harmless, the intruder can’t see it, but if they’re held by the police, an ultraviolet light will immediately link them to your break-in. This spray has been hugely successful in bringing burglars to book; even better, it can’t be washed off for up to eight weeks.

A warm welcome home

When you’re arriving home, it can be unsettling, especially for women, walking up a long, dark driveway and opening the door. Put your mind at ease with Benchmark’s one-night-only ‘welcome home’ monitoring option.

For a worry-free welcome home, they can place your cameras feeds live in the monitoring station for just one evening. Similarly, if someone’s partner is away and they’re uneasy about being home alone, Benchmark can offer packages that cover just a handful of nights.

Free assessment

“Everyone needs something different,” says Paul, “so please call us for a free assessment of your home or business. We’ll point out any vulnerabilities and blind spots and run through each of our services.”

Benchmark have achieved ISO 9001 standard and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has awarded them Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) accreditation.

“These accreditations mean you’re in safe hands,” smiles Paul, “and remember, we cover everything from billion-pound businesses to terraces and we’ll always search for solutions that are right for you and your budget.”

For your free risk assessment, please call

Office 0161 786 7009

24hr Control Room 0161 707 2400

or e-mail

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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