Andrew Eadsforth – Spire Manchester’s new Hospital Director is looking to create a healthy future

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Aged only 29, Andrew Eadsforth became Spire Healthcare’s youngest ever Hospital Director. It’s an incredible achievement and one most people would never tire of bragging about.

But not this friendly, self-effacing Geordie, who currently leads at Spire Manchester. Instead, he talks of the colleagues who mentored and took a chance on him, and how proud he is of his hospital…

North East beginnings

Andrew was born in Hartlepool and raised in a mining village in County Durham. He began his healthcare career in 2000, taking on a customer service role at BUPA insurance. Eight years later, he went on secondment as an operations manager at Spire Cheshire. It was this experience which, when BUPA was sold and became Spire, led to the new CEO offering Andrew directorship:

“He obviously saw something in me and took a chance on me,” smiles Andrew, “although I thought it was a few years too soon! I went on to fulfil the same role at several hospitals across the country before coming to Spire Manchester Hospital last December.”

Award-winning hospital

Spire Manchester is a £70m private hospital built on compassion and led by expert specialists. It offers next-generation diagnostic imaging and treatments and, following on from its award-winning start, is continuing to go from strength to strength.

“My role is ensuring that the hospital is run safely,” explains Andrew, “that we deliver effective healthcare and that our patients have a great experience. I also make sure there’s a decent financial return made for our investors. How do I achieve this? Lots of energy, experience, and by growing strong teams who make good decisions for themselves… I can’t imagine what else I’d rather do.”

Career inspiration

His outstanding healthcare achievements aside (he previously led the first ever hospital in Yorkshire to receive an outstanding rating by the Care Quality Commission), it was an inspirational project he managed in his early 20s – which helped give disadvantaged young people the chance to go to a top-class university – that he cites as a huge career highlight.

When asked about who inspired his career, Andrew smiles and recalls a BUPA colleague who managed to make tough decisions but still be liked and hugely respected:

“He also once snatched a Tweety Pie tie pin off me and chucked it in the bin,” laughs Andrew, “and told me not to come into his office unless I took myself seriously. I never wore cartoon cufflinks again!”

Racing into the future

Away from the office, Andrew enjoys relaxing at home in front of a good box-set with his partner. He’s also signed up for the Salford Triathlon, which he’ll complete alongside the hospital’s nursing team.

And where did he see himself in 10 years’ time?

“I rarely plan anything to do with my life,” he replies. “I hope I’m healthy and reflecting on a successful few years at Spire Manchester.”

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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