You will know a home touched by the Altitude Aluminium magic when you see one. They’re spectacular, they’re unforgettable. You’ll dream of moving in.

We met founder Wayne Jonathan Little at Altitude’s new Chester showroom to discover what makes his business and its projectsso special.

Exclusive & enchanting

Altitude Aluminium was established in 2012, designing, supplying and installing the world’s leading aluminium glazing systems for high-end residential homes.

We’re talking new-build ‘superhomes’ – the striking, airy and immaculate visions of ambitious clients, most of whom are looking for a headache-free, one-stop solution to bring their grand designs to life. 

Altitude’s business plan is going from strength to strength, focussing exclusively on the North West and Welsh coast and garnering an incredibly healthy turnover.

Entrepreneurial beginnings 

Wayne was born in Salford and raised in Astley. Although he never had any clear ambitions to work in construction, whilst at St. Mary’s Catholic High School, his head for business began to surface. He smiles:

“I always did have an entrepreneurial side to me! I used to sell things like crisps and cans of pop to the kids at school and do car washing at the weekends on my parent’s drive. From very early on, I was independent and making my own money.

“I was never the cleverest kid in the class,” he adds, “but I would work behind the scenes, twice as hard as anyone else, to get what I wanted.”

Post-A-levels, he applied for a job at Tarmac Construction (which later became Carillion) as a trainee quantity surveyor. During his 14 years with the company, he completed two degrees (quantity surveying and business management) and eventually made it to operations director, but red tape and lack of creativity began to frustrate him. 

It was then he decided to set up on his own. Having already managed various specialist suppliers as a quantity surveyor at Carillion, he knew where the high returns lay, so decided to specialise in aluminium glazing. A 12-month masterplan was drawn up, Altitude Aluminium was born.

Most respected in the marketplace

Altitude’s glazing helps create the sort of homes that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood movie – all thanks to in-house expert design, experienced and well-trained staff, and using the most capable, expensive and respected aluminium systems in the world – Reynaers and Schuco.

The business works very hard to inhabit a niche spot in today’s market – the lucrative space where client’s projects demand meticulous attention to detail, quality and creative flair from start to finish, and where the focus is on value rather than cost. Altitude’s seamless approach has everything covered and takes any pressure off the client. 

Is there more to aluminium than just stunning good looks?

“Absolutely,” says Wayne. “Firstly, it allows you to install insanely big wow-factor pieces of glass, the weight of which timber or UPVC couldn’t cope with. It’s durable, low maintenance and available in 500 different colours, and it can be used for interiors as well.”

Is there a project/s he’s particularly proud of?

“Sevendials in Mottram St Andrew and Seven Steps in Wilmslow,” he says without hesitation.

Skies the limit

Now in its seventh year, both Altitude’s incoming business and team continue to grow. What’s next for the company?

“We want to cement our reputation in the North West and along the Welsh coastline, where lots of old houses are being replaced with supersonic ones facing out to the sea (and ripe for Altitude’s view-tastic glazing).

“We’re all about stable, sustainable growth, because we are here for the long haul.

“We have a fantastic new showroom in Chester, which allows our clients to touch and feel all of our product range and get a real sense of how their project could look. We have recently installed a new motorised Reynaers Hi-Finity slimline sliding door for visitors to try – it’s amazing, beyond words!”

We suspect Altitude’s success is in no small part down to Wayne’s grounded and honest approach to business?

“Anyone who knows me in Cheshire will tell you I’m a very sociable guy,” he smiles. “No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I talk to people! I am approachable yet professional and deliver what I’m going to say I’ll deliver. As a business, we do what we say on the tin – this builds trust. A lot of people whose homes I’ve worked on are now personal friends. I also want to ensure we give our team and contractors the best working environment.”

A special thank you

In typical Wayne fashion, he attributes much of his success to his eleven-strong team:

“Without my team, I wouldn’t have been able to deliver our business plan. They deserve so much recognition for all the hard work, loyalty and passion they’ve put into the business. A special mention must go to my sales executive, Jude Moulsdale, who has worked alongside me over the past seven years. I can bring a potential client to the business, but she turns it into an order. Her product knowledge, her passion for each individual project/client and her determination to stick to our business plan is unbeatable. She creates the much-needed stability behind my sometimes-crazy entrepreneurial flair, she’s just fantastic.”

Kicking back

Wayne lives in Cheshire with his wife Charlotte and sons Archie (14) and Zack (8) and daughter Felicity (10). He admits much of his time is “work, work, work”, but running Alderley United FC Under-9s is a passion that allows him to switch off and spend time with his younger son:

“Altitude sponsors the team and it’s such a great thing to be involved in. It allows me to switch off and it’s the one thing that makes me stop thinking about aluminium!”

He tells us that making his parents and family proud is still his biggest motivator. His father passed away last year and was perhaps one of his biggest inspirations: 

“I get a lot of my characteristics from watching and working with my dad over the years, his work ethic – he worked so hard, long hours. He was so organised, charismatic and from directors to the boy who swept the canteen, he always had time and a little story for them.”

Like father, like son. And with such a down-to-earth approach, Altitude deserves every second of its sky-high success.



Tel: 01244 529 199

Follow on Instagram: @altitudealuminium

Words by: Lisa Symonds

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