If you’re off to a wedding this year, or perhaps beginning to plan your own, the biggest trend you can expect to see is individuality. 2020 will see a lot of individuals stepping away from traditions – instead, they will be getting creative and inventing their own themes. Sustainability will be at the back of a lot of couples’ minds, which could influence their decisions on the venue, the food they serve and the flowers they choose. 

So, what popular wedding trends can you expect to see this year?

The dress

The modern bride may add attitude to her dress, while the simplistic bride might opt for minimalism. From legs on display, to modest full coverage, in 2020 you can expect to see everything from infused hints of black, to no fuss or frills. Expect statement veils to go alongside the dress, too!

Engagement rings

Every girl dreams of that standout sparkling ring – but what can we expect from 2020? Non-traditional stones and shapes will feature heavily this year, with many opting for unique-shaped diamonds. Sustainability will also be a huge factor when it comes to choosing the perfect style – both the millennials and the Gen Zs will be interested in knowing how and where their ring is made. Thanks to various celebrities we will also witness the rise in popularity of the three-stone engagement ring – yes that’s right, women want even more diamonds!

The venue

Providing an Instagram-worthy backdrop, many couples may choose grand, impressive stately homes for their venue. However, in contrast, due to reasons such as Brexit, others may prefer to stay closer to home and save money, instead opting for slightly more unusual locations such as their local pubs, bars and restaurants.

The flowers

Delicate, scented white flowers could prove extremely popular this year – perhaps thanks to Kate Middleton at her own Royal wedding. These understated bouquets won’t take over or compete with the dress. Rather, they’ll help to complement it. Greenery walls may feature in the background of many wedding guests’ photos. Filled with herbs, fruits and ferns, they provide the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures.

The guest-list

A lot of couples may also choose to reduce their guest-list this year, inviting only approximately 40 people. That way, they can create a bespoke, personalised day for their nearest and dearest. So, if you make the cut, it’s because you’re very special to them.

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