Shaping the future of eyecare

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Optegra Eye Hospital in Didsbury is well known for its five-star treatments and services, but what many people don’t know is that it is also home to a research division dedicated to championing the latest innovations in eye care. Dr Clare O’Donnell, Head of Optegra Eye Sciences, explains: 


“As well as offering a range of eye health treatments, such as laser eye surgery, cataract surgery and lens replacement to people across the North West, Optegra is also committed to the development of Eye Sciences. Our dedicated, not-for-profit research division, Optegra Eye Sciences, has been established since 2011 and works closely with our surgeon partners to evaluate new treatments and technologies, and carry out ophthalmic (eye) research. Essentially, we are here to help shape the future of eye health care.


“My remit here is extremely varied but incredibly exciting. On any given day, I could be examining patients participating in an ophthalmological research study, delivering presentations at an international conference, or working with our consultant ophthalmic surgeons on clinical outcomes-related activities. We have recently appointed two talented PhD students who are working with the Eye Sciences team in the field of dry eye disease.


“Knowing that our work helps to improve vision for thousands of people each year is very rewarding. For example, the Eye Sciences team recently trialled a new intra-operative guidance tool to assist surgeons in inserting advanced-technology ocular implants – a procedure which will help to restore sight to those suffering with visual loss due to cataracts.


“When we look to the future of eye care, particularly medical, there are many exciting research projects and innovations. For example, advances in the way Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is treated (a condition that affects your central vision), micro-invasive glaucoma surgery and refractive surgery are all underway. The new SMILE technology – a bladeless, flapless, minimally-invasive alternative to laser surgery – is currently offered at our new central London hospital, but we hope to make it available to patients across the UK in the not too distant future.


“My focus for the months ahead is to continue to put all efforts into these emerging technologies to ensure that Optegra remains at the forefront of eye care and research.”


Clare O’Donnell is the Head of Optegra Eye Sciences. clare-o-donnell-1


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