Salim Uddin-Khandakar | Group Managing Director
Apparently I’m stubborn but fun, intelligent, sincere, loyal, caring, passionate, hard working and have a tendency to exaggerate. I love organising events, networking and can eat a starter, main and dessert quite easily. Who wrote this?

Beverley Uddin-Khandakar  |  Group Editorial Director 

Emily Fitzgibbons  | Journalist & Office Manager
I graduated with a journalism degree in 2016 and my writing mainly consists of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, with a bit of interior design thrown in. I help with all aspects of office life, from writing for the magazines to organising meetings and keeping the social media and online content up to date. I tend to have two sides to me, most of the time I am cool, calm and collected, but can be be quite feisty – probably because I’m a gemini!

Ray King  |  Journalist
Manchester-born Ray King joined the Manchester Evening News from the Granada Television press office in 1970 as a reporter specialising in industrial affairs. He switched to politics in 1979 covering local, regional and national stories including the Brighton bomb in 1984, the denouement of Manchester’s Olympic bid in Monte Carlo in 1993, the IRA’s attack on the city in 1996 and its aftermath – the subject of his book Detonation –  the successful staging of the Commonwealth Games and the election of Nelson Mandela from Johannesburg.

Ray later became the newspaper’s editorial comment leader writer, weekly columnist and feature writer and for 18 years wrote the popular food and drink pages he launched in 1986. Various assignments took him to every continent except Antarctica.

Since leaving the Manchester Evening News in 2004, Ray has regularly contributed to a number of newspapers, magazines and websites and was, for nine years, publicist for Withington Girls’ School. He lives with his wife Trudi in Cheadle Hulme and has two grown up children and two grandchildren.

Fay Wertheimer | Journalist
Hi from Salutions’ senior citizen. I’ve been a contributor since 2010, I’ve learned from our interviewees that I, aka Ms-Know-It-All, don’t know much at all. And that’s how I like it. In 1993, my career switched from decades teaching, or trying to teach, Manchester’s toughest teens into freelance print, radio journalism and music – running Carlton Ensemble strings and flute. No regrets—apart from  cashflow!
I’m intuitive, truthful, combative, loyal, persistent, bad-tempered and sincere. I drink fizzy water, strong black coffee, non-vintage Aldi champagne and wear clip-on earrings. I love people who are simply themselves. If you’ve sussed the Wertheimer-Alzheimer link, you’ll pardon my genetic forgetfulness, Alas, ’twas was ever thus!

Oliver Chesher | Motoring
Oliver has been our motoring columnist since 2007. He claims he is not interested in fast cars – only VERY fast cars. We know that’s not true though, because he still dreams about Land Rovers and Citroen 2CVs just as much as his beloved Alfa Romeos. In his day job, he runs a PR agency called Galibier in Manchester and London. He named the company after the highest climb in the Tour de France, because his number one passion in life is cycling. He has lived in Cheshire most of his life, and his favourite spot in South Manchester is Fletcher Moss Gardens where he walks his Bedlington Terrier, Claude.

Vicky Hinksman
I am Southerner who, after ten years of living ‘Up North’ considers herself an adopted Mancunian! I have a one year old daughter who has just discovered the word ‘No’! I love eating out and I’m lucky enough to do this a lot as part of my job. I run a Marketing Consultancy, I am a School Governor and my life is fuelled by the odd Gin & Tonic and the frequent purchase of new shoes.

Lisa Symonds  |  Proof Reader
I never know what to say when talking about myself! I love cats – have five of them! I am currently starring in a play BALL OF FIRE about the footballer Alan Ball (touring the North West) and I’ve worked for, amongst others, BBC, Glamour magazine and the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo.

Catherine Saunders aka Lady Muck
Sassy city career girl turned gorgeous grow your owner and writer, Catherine, has been entertaining readers with her amusing food gardening columns for years, ever since illness struck and she was forced to turn her back on her marketing career.

It was during her fight back to health that she became fascinated by nutrition and got hooked on growing her own organic food.  But everything she read on the subject was so deadly dull that she decided to write humorous columns on the subject herself and so the character Lady Muck was created, a character readers could identify with, whose growing mishaps and allotment antics would hopefully make food gardening more fun and inspire others to have a go.

Usually found up to her eyes in mud or working on her novel.  But never more than 12″ away from a bottle of vino.

Paul King | Art direction & Design
Head of colouring in and painting by numbers, I still use pencils with rubbers on the top like the designers back in the day, own boxes of crayons and I’m pretty good with this tinterweb thingy tho’ I’m still not convinced it’ll catch on. Once wrote a book on growing fruit and veg – how random! Must be the creative in me. When not down my allotment, I’m working hard at Twistedgifted in Manchester being the ‘Creative’ Director and most definitely not the ‘twisted’ partner in the agency.

Claire King | Art direction & Design
Quietly mad creative | Multi-tasking juggler of sorts | Co-founder/Director/Head of PR & Marketing at Twistedgifted in Manchester (don’t believe what you hear: I AM the gifted partner in the agency). I draw things and sometimes make them move. Happy is my default. Lover of water, sunshine, Assam tea, Tempranillo and Music. Loather of bad manners and bullying. Life mottos: Life is a learning curve, There’s a positive in every negative & Always mix your drinks. Wife | Mother | Designer | Friend. Whoosh!

Mike Browne | Photographer
I have studied all aspects of art, design and photography. Anyone thinks they can take a picture nowadays, especially with modern technology, but not everyone can see a good picture. That’s why I think coming from a creative art and design background has helped me in what I do.
I love meeting people and I am genuinely interested in their lives and businesses, which I think makes me one of the best in my field.
I have also studied commercial interior architecture at Leeds, and I started a design consultancy in 1989 covering all aspects of interiors, exhibition packaging and toy design.

Dr Jill Nash | Travel Writer
Born and raised in the English Lake District, travel writer Jill Nash has explored over 80 countries in the past 15 years. She’s stayed in every type of accommodation from fleapits to palazzos. She can tick-off once-in-a-lifetime experiences like the world’s highest bungee jump, diving with sharks in the Bahamas, hiking Table Mountain, and sand surfing in Africa. She’s had the pleasure of eating delicacies such as Kobe beef, and the not so pleasurable sweet and sour dog!

Her favourite solo travel destinations are those life-enriching hard to reach places like Bora Bora and Bali, but as a family she enjoys the simple road or rail trips to the countryside. She has published 4 award-winning books for grown-up backpacking, and is currently writing her 5th entitled: ‘Travelling on a short budget’. Travel is definitely in her blood. What she doesn’t know about travel, isn’t worth knowing.