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Karuna is an internationally experienced meditation teacher, a corporate mindfulness consultant and a personal mentor for those interested in the process of transformation.

Karuna’s clients include global financial consultants, Los Angeles-based retail branding specialists, a world-renowned architectural firm, award-winning authors and journalists, small business owners and highly trained athletes.

For more than 25 years, Karuna has gained experience throughout the world in the studies and teaching of mindfulness, meditation and holistic wellbeing. She earned undergraduate and graduate degrees and worked in the U.S. Senate for a multi-million dollar capital campaign and for National Public Radio Stations. Karuna also completed extensive studies of Eastern Philosophy and spent time with the top scholars and teachers, including Ram Dass, Radanath Swami and Sri Vasudeva who gave the her name Karunamayi, meaning one of greatest compassion. Karuna currently is a 2017 Global Wellbeing Expert, specialising in mindfulness and meditation, for Aromatherapy Associates London. She draws from a love of language as well as her light-hearted nature during all events and trainings.

Alongside this, Karuna is something of an aficionado in midcentury modern design.  After collecting thousands of pieces (especially glasses, dinnerware and tableware), she was considered rather an expert in the field. She had an online business that sent pieces to collectors throughout the world and was interviewed for articles, books and pricing guides.

An image of some group meditationKaruna’s Hub for the Heart offers programmes in mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing that provide a framework for the well-lived life. Here’s what she has to say: 

Balanced Living for the Overwhelmed Woman

Does saying “yes” too many times to work projects, events and family responsibilities leave you overwhelmed, inefficient or depressed?  Self-respect is the key to greater balance. As we develop self-respect, we find clarity of inner voice.  Our thoughts and words begin to align and learn to share our truth with warmth and ease.

Aligned Living

How the Science of Meditation Boosts Creativity and Freedom

Meditation is a science! We learn equations for authentic and empowered living; we begin to understand and observe our habits and tendencies and we make a deepened connection to intuitive wisdom. Far from woo-woo, meditation provides a daily touchstone that is practical, relevant and empowering.  By putting a daily equation into place, you can count on outcomes with positive cumulative effects.

Build a Better Brain

Did you know that the brain shrinks when you’re stressed? Do you think it would be a good idea to grow more grey matter? Research shows you can–in just 8 weeks!  And how’s this for an interesting fact? The brains of people who meditate are, on average, 7 years younger and more highly functioning than the brains of people who don’t meditate.

An image of Karuna's Logo

Karuna will be in Manchester on Friday 9 June at Thrive www.mpathrive.co.uk 

To find out more visit: www.hubfortheheart.com


email: info@hubfortheheart.com



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