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Fitness expert helps to cope with easter indulgences

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How to cope with Easter indulgences

As Easter draws into full swing, inevitable thoughts turn to our next spring/summer break. Holiday season will soon be upon us. Those Creme Egg cocktails you drank over the weekend won’t be able to hide behind that swimwear you stored away last year – the guilt beckons and post Easter blues kick in.

But should we be filled with such extreme feelings during times when we should be celebrating?

Easter has got me reflecting.

It seems that we are moulded into thinking and acting in a way which brings about a repetitive period of joy (cue celebration), followed by an unhelpful cycle of negativity and self-loathing, particularly when food and fitness is involved.

So, before Easter brings about a world of too much chocolate guilt, let’s change our perspective of how we think. Things aren’t always as they seem.

The worry you feel after a weekend of indulgence

Try and keep things in perspective. Think about the 95-year-old you. You will have wrinkled skin by then, and likely a few other aches and pains. You’ll wish you lived your life aiming for happiness and good health. You’ll wish you lifted a few more weights to protect your bones. You’ll wish you laughed more with your friends and family. You’ll wish you worried less, and probably will wish you’d enjoyed your Easter eggs.

Worrying about ‘fat bits’ will only ever place your body in a position where getting rid of those bits is more difficult. Take a walk or pick up some weights. Take action. But don’t worry about things that can easily be changed.

Cheating on a diet?

Eating a burger, pizza, or chocolate Easter egg isn’t ‘cheating’. And eating salad or veggies isn’t ‘being good’.

We are adults. Cheating means to act ‘unfairly’. I ate a burger this weekend and I felt great! I felt great because I know I eat well most of the time and I know I train hard most of the time. And the times when I don’t, I rest or relax.

Try and practice the act of balance in every part of your life

This will give you an advantage during holidays such as Easter when you know you may indulge a little more than usual.

When you ‘take out’ – make sure you ‘put back in’

There will be times the scales tip and that’s ok – that’s life. But, keep the feelings of guilt or negativity away from this. Forget cheat meals as negative association with food is unhelpful. One person’s good can be another person’s evil – it’s all about perspective. So, for every egg you eat, just make sure you balance with good quality protein and heaps of veggies. You see, this balance thing is easy!

Give yourself a healthful goal

Work towards it after Easter weekend is done. Goals are positive, they give you time out to focus and work on something new. If this time out means you indulging in you (going to the gym, preparing some veggies for your lunch box, taking ten minutes meditation, or a power nap – DO IT!). Try and form the habit before Easter hits. That way you have a great focus for when all the eggs are gone!


Jill Greenwood,
Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer,
Twitter: @JillKBW