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Benjamin Franklin must have known a thing or two about food prep when he uttered the frequently quoted genius words ‘fail to prepare – prepare to fail.’

One of the easiest ways to throw diet and nutrition targets out of the window is often a lot simpler than the amount of gluten, wheat, dairy, carbs, fat or sugar you eat. But frequently, and in my own personal and professional experience, overeating on calorie rich (but not necessarily macro-nutrient rich) foods, is linked with a lack of preparation of the key foods your body needs to stay satiated and running well.

If you fail to plan, prepare or think about meals in advance, there is no doubt that ‘food rage’ also known as extreme hunger, takes over sensible decision making. I for one can fall foul of this, having the irritability of a bear with a sore head when I am anywhere near missing a meal!

In fact, one of the reasons I wrote my first book SuperSlaw (TM) was the result of me coming home from work and feeling hungry with very little food in the cupboard or fridge.

Making balanced and sensible food decisions when you are in state of hunger will influence how you eat. Period.

This is where prepping ‘healthful foods’ in advance is a winning tip for the diet. So, when you open the fridge door and you see veggies, proteins, healthy fats and carbs instead of the old Easter egg in the cupboard, you are more likely to choose options which work with the body rather than against it. This is a winning tip for those who live busy lives.

SuperSlaw was the answer to the problem I found living a busy life and needing the ‘veggie’ (healthful micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that help the body function) aspect of my meals sorted without having to think too much about it.

Prepping a vegetable rich SuperSlaw in advance takes minutes. SuperSlaw lasts for days and can be paired with a multitude of foods. Recipes even include ‘MORPHING ideas’ which run Vegetable Slaw into creative main meals.

Once I found clients eating more veggies in greater amounts, the magical thing of fat loss occurred, without tweaking much else in their diet. This is all down to the amount of fibre that SuperSlaw contains. This leaves not much room for that pesky old Easter egg!

If you aren’t a fan of SuperSlaw, then look at how else you can plan. Chop and prep foods ahead of time.

Here’s some top tips:


  • Sundays are a great day to prepare a weekly list of meals


  • Smoothies (and their ingredients) are also a super easy way to prep ahead – you can even freeze smoothies and defrost the night before!


  • Make foods in batch! So, think soups – gazpacho for the summer months, or stews and gain portions.


  • Buy Tupperware! Don’t let all that food prep go to waste when you have nothing to store it in….!

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Jill Greenwood

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Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

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