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Edinburgh is a busy city; filled with wonderful nooks and crannies to be explored and much to enjoy. Sometimes what you really need though is a quiet spot to relax, soak up the Scottish atmosphere and grab a bight to eat. Element is the perfect place for you to do so.

Set along the cobbled and picturesque Rose Street, just back from the central shopping area, you are placed conveniently close to many of Edinburgh’s main attractions, whilst being secluded in a private Scottish paradise of your own. The restaurant is set back from the street, behind their dark- timbered bar, which helps to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. An assortment of chairs in various pastel shades, and tartans offer something different for every customer who walks in.

Whether you’re looking for a date for two in a setback area, or a catch up with friends in cosy armchairs, then Element has something to offer. The small restaurant had a steady flow of customers throughout my visit, which spoke warmly of this spots popularity. The staff provided a quick, but never rushed, service that ensured guests were well provided for throughout the meal. A bubble of chatter gave Element a relaxed charm, but it never grew too full or loud for the restaurant to stop feeling personable.

Their evening meal had much to tempt me back with, but I first visited for lunch and was excited to find such a wide range of options open to me. I settled for the classic sausage and mash, with a side of kale, bacon and almonds. Element offers a ‘sausage of the day’ to keep their menu fresh and I was lucky enough to try the Caledonian pork and ale; absolutely delicious! My partner had a halloumi and hummus sandwich with a warming mug of soup on the side and an apple tart to finish.

An image of SoupEverything was well presented, and had been carefully prepared to offer something a little special. From the almonds buried in the kale to offer a little crunch, to the light Scottish shortbread served with tea after the meal, every detail was attended to. There was perhaps rather too much cinnamon in the apple pie, but when we’re so close to Christmas seasonal flavourings can always be forgiven.

A visit to Element comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a quiet spot in the heart of Scotland’s capital. With a delicious menu, great location and friendly staff, Element is an attractive spot for locals and visitors alike.


Words by Jo Boon

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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