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A great deal for Didsbury and Disley

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Several golf clubs in the region already have reciprocal agreements with other clubs enabling their members to play each other’s courses at reduced rates of green fee.

Now, Didsbury and Disley Golf Clubs have gone a step further by striking a great link between their clubs, allowing members in certain categories to enjoy playing privileges at the other club, subject to the availability of the course, for free.

Disley’s Director of Golf Geoff Gable said:

“In this difficult financial climate most clubs are looking at ways of attracting new members with the most common method being a reduction in ‘First year subs’ and although this is attractive to the new members it can cause annoyance to existing members who feel they are being neglected and also the new members invariably leave when the first year deal is up and search other clubs in their area for a new deal.

With this in mind Didsbury and Disley have entered into a reciprocal golf deal which benefits new and existing members alike.

The two courses are very different in their layout and character with players able to enjoy a different playing experience.

The agreement is, that by joining one of these clubs members are automatically granted playing privileges at TWO clubs, the advantage is that being outside each respective clubs catchment area there is no conflict about ‘poaching’ each other’s members. We feel sure that other clubs will follow this idea but we are pleased to be among the first in our area to trial this type of agreement

The obvious advantage for the clubs is the sharing of information without feeling it disadvantages either club, this information will cover the whole range of club activities from, competitions and how they are run, to social, charity and fund raising events. The committees of both clubs are looking forward to exchanging ideas and it is seen as win, win situation for both clubs

The idea of this reciprocal agreement has been received with great enthusiasm from both clubs members, the idea is to start the agreement on 1st April 2017, and monitor the situation and modify if required. The attitude of both clubs committees is to bring our clubs closer together and learn from each other’s successes.”

Disley chairman Paul Backx added: “We are delighted to form an alliance with Didsbury and we believe that the dual facility offers tremendous benefits to the members of both clubs. We look forward to welcoming the members of Didsbury to our course and clubhouse through the coming years.”

Didsbury hon secretary Maurice Watkins said: “We are looking forward to hosting Disley players to our club and likewise hope that our members enjoy the experience of playing at Disley. All players using the facility must make themselves aware of any requirements on and off the course set by the home club and we will review the success in March 2018.”


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