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In conversation…
with Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden

Boyzlife the duo, created by Keith Duffy from Boyzone and Brian McFadden from Westlife, flew up to Manchester with some very lucky British Airways competition winners last month for an exclusive up close and personal concert at the BA offices in Didsbury.

It is part of a fundraiser for Flying Start, British Airways’ global charity partnership with Comic Relief.
You’re coming to Manchester and doing a couple of nights in April at the Hilton in Deansgate, so it’s going to be very intimate. Why the smaller venues and what can fans expect?
Keith: It’s an autobiographical show highlighting both Brian’s career with Westlife and mine with Boyzone. The experiences, our careers – we call it story, laughter and music. We’re singing the favourite Westlife and Boyzone songs. It’s going to be up close and personal. We show old footage on video, the audience will have a great night.

Brian, what’s your favourite Boyzone track?
Brian: You Needed Me is my favourite to perform, but And I, which wasn’t a single, is probably my favourite track. You have to remember, I was only a young teenager when Boyzone were on the scene. I was a big fan. As Irish people, we never really had a pop band, we had U2 as a rock band. For the people of Ireland, watching Boyzone explode onto the scene was something.

Keith, favourite Westlife track?
Keith: You can’t look past Flying Without Wings. It was such a great pop record, a real feel-good song. You don’t have to be a Westlife fan to love that song.
Brian: I think it’s Westlife’s definitive song. In 20 years’ time, when you look back, you’ll associate Westlife with Flying Without Wings. If you think of Wet Wet Wet, you think of Love Is All Around. For Boyzone, it’s probably Picture of You or No Matter What.

When touring together, do you have to put up with each other’s bad babits?
Keith: Of course we do. We’ve known each other for a long time, with there only being two of us, we have to be honest with other. We don’t want any elephants in the room.
Brian: If there are five of you in a band, you have fallouts, but with two, you’ve got to get on with it.
Keith: If we fall out with each other, we’re kinda stuck.

United or City?
Keith: United!
Brian: Jesus! What a question. We’ve just come back from Stamford Bridge, watching United.

What’s great about Manchester?
Brian: Old Trafford.
Keith: Oh (laughs) and Weatherfield.

The worst thing? Apart from the rain…
Brian: (Laughs) The road to Liverpool.

Is life really a rollercoaster?
Keith: Absolutely… If it’s not, you’re not living it properly.
Brian: (Smiles) Exactly what he said!

Between you both, only Elvis has more number one singles, what does that mean to you?
Keith: We’ve got 21, so we’re equal.