Student from Alderley Edge School for Girls wins runner up in Lego Batman Competition

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A Year 7 student from Alderley Edge School for Girls has won runner up in the national LEGO Batman Builders Competition. Jumanah submitted her application along with many others and has recently been told of her success in the competition.

To celebrate the release of The LEGO® Batman Movie earlier this year, there was a competition for young people to draw their own hero symbol, just like Batman, and accompany it with a description of their own heroic alter-ego, detailing their special abilities and hero values.

Jumanah thought of the idea ‘AquaGirl’ who rather than fighting crime, combats the equally crucial issues relating to the environment, helping those in need gain access to clean water.

An image of the drawingJumanah described Aquagirl as a “saviour to a majority of people on the planet. Most people rely on her to give them clean and fresh water every day! She gives those in poverty who can’t have clean water ultimate clean water forever. Her personality is kind, sweet and energetic.”

Jumanah has also won a fantastic official The LEGO® Batman Movie merchandise goody bag for her idea and success.

Mrs Boyland, Head of Design and Technology at Alderley Edge School for Girls has said how proud she is of Jumanah’s creativity and socially aware design. “Jumanah used her superhero character Aqua Girl to highlight a huge problem in the world today – access to clean water; her design was fun yet totally in keeping with today’s environmental concerns.”

Author : Emily Fitzgibbons

Editor at The Glossy Magazine | Journalist & Office Manager at Salutions Limited

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